Plane Stands

Here are a couple different plane stands I've designed over the last 15 years. 

You are welcome to copy any of them and make your own,

I am not currently making any.

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To make things easier all prices are DELIVERED PRICES CONUS.  email for quote overseas.  Allow two to three weeks for delivery.  Made on demand.

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Check or Money order okay.  For regular PayPal, add 3%

Heavy Duty Stand:  Good from Handlaunch to XC or Scale (up to 6 meter). 

  Icon, Aquila XC, Stoble -- for size

Unfinished:  $112  delivered  ($115.50 if PP regular)

*Finished Oak ply $147  delivered  ($155.50 if PP regular)

The heavy duty stands come with 3/8" nut standard and an adapter for the light duty fixed head tripods.

Simplest Stand:  Good for Handlaunch and up to 4 meter.  Adjustable supports make this a simple no frills stand.  More of a set and forget stand, but does adjust and tighten with a screwdriver.  

  Replaces Simple Stand (shown in plane photos)


Original Simple Stand

Stoble AVA

Aquila XL


Unfinished:  $59 delivered  ($60.75 if PP regular)

*Finished $82  ($84.50 if PP regular)

All stands come with 3/8" large nut for heavy duty tripod legs, and an adapter for 1/4 x 20.


Holds (4) planes and keeps them off the wet grass.  Small footprint.   Fits under canopy when raining -- and you can too.

  Compact storage case.

Tails alternate to keep planes tight.  Rack can be switched for in-line V-tails.

Keeps planes safe, even in high winds when ground planes are flipping over.  Tested to 30+ winds.

 Unfinished:  $132  delivered  ($136 if PP regular)

*Finished Oak ply $167  delivered  ($172 if PP regular)

email me

SPECIAL: Used but in good shape stand  -- the one in the pictures.  $110 (pp $113.50) delivered

* Finished is sanded, stained Golden Oak clear finish coat.    On Heavy Duty Stand it includes a genuine buffalo hide leather tray cover.

Thanks to Chuck Pinnell for the idea of using pvc pipe instead of the wood dowels for supports.  Also for the leather tray covers.

If you have a suggestion or improvement let me know.  It will either be considered in the public domain or I can custom build you a stand if you want.