One of the Handiest tools I’ve ever made.


Clevis tool


Years ago I tried a couple clevis tools that were just too short or awkward.  So, I decided to design my own.  One of the toughest jobs was reaching in to get the clevis off of a bellcrank in my older planes and ones like my SBXC.  It needed to be long enough, but not too long.  After playing around a bit, I found that 1/8” stainless steel rod, anywhere from 8 to 10” long was just fine.  I settled on 9” (half of the 18” rods I had laying around).


Next thing was to flatten one end and start making it curved.



I found that using a propane torch aided in the process.


I flattened it to about ¼” wide.



I started the curve.







I got the main curve looking right.



Then I re-curved it to start the final shape.



I then curved it back to the final shape.










Next, I cut the groove.


It was important to make sure it was deep enough to get good lifting height.



The clevis needed to just fit.  Not too tight, not too loose.







The tool worked the best with the curve up.

It allowed the clevis to be easily lifted off.



Now I needed a way to put the clevis back on.

I flattened the other end to about 3/16”







Bent it about 80 degrees.  You can bend it up to 90, but the edge of my vise was a bit rounded.  It actually turned out easier to remove, after installing the clevis, with less than a 90 degree bend.




I just inserted it in the clevis and twisted it straight.



Worked like a charm.  The clevis was really easy to put on, even reaching way in on some of my planes.



I made a bunch over time.  You should have a number of them for the shop and tool kit.  It saves you from saying “ @#! I wish I had that with me.”


I made some in polished stainless, put gun blue on some, and have a bunch of rough quick ones stuck here and there.




Tom Broeski

T&G Innovations, LLC