Super Strong Clevis Rods

broken rods

I was having trouble with the clevis rods for my flaps bending or breaking on landing.  I tried carbon rods and they broke.  I tried the regular 2-56 rods and they bent.  Sooooo....

I looked around the shop for something strong enough to do the job.  I looked for some drill rods, but didn't have anything small enough.  I had some extra hex wrenches and realized they were strong enough not to bend or break and I could cut them to size and thread them (which I couldn't do with a drill rod). 

  I found that 3/32" works for 4-40 clevises (you can thread or glue on -- doesn't solder very well) and the 2 mm works for my 2-56 clevises. 

The 2 mm I got for $2 at ACE and was 10" long, so I got the two rods I needed and still have a useable tool.

  I sanded the end down a bit to get the die started.  It threaded just fine.

  And there you have it.  These are in my Royale and are holding up great.