Dremel EZ407SA

 Every once in awhile I find something that makes my work easier.  This is one such product.  It hasn't been out too long, and I figured I'd share it with those that don't know it exists.

If you have ever struggled with changing sanding bands on a Dremel tool, you will really appreciate this item.


These can be a real pain, expecially if you change bands 10 to 20+ times a day as I often do.

This unit goes in your Dremel and you pull the rubber holder out.

Just slide the band on.  It is very loose and goes on with the push of one finger.

  Continue pressing and the band locks firmly in place and doesn't slip at all.

To remove, simply pull it out.

  Slide off the band and you are ready to start all over.

You can shop around since prices range from $4.99 at Amazon to $9 at Lowes, Home Depot or Ace (where I bought my first one)