Simple Glue Holder


It seems that it takes a long time for the glue to get to the end of the bottle once it gets below half full (especially when it's cold).  I've dealt with this for years and used to just stand and wait.  I figured I'd share what I finally came up with that works great and saves a lot of time waiting for glue.

I just took a scrape block of wood and drilled some holes in it.  (This was a really well used scrap)

Ended up with a cup holder, a place for sticks and places to keep glues pointed down for ready use.

Really very handy if you are a builder.

I have a couple different ones around the shop made from scrap.

Do your own design and make building easier (or just a bit faster).

Note: Make sure your tops (the glue tops) are on tight.  I don't store glue this way.  I just use it when I'm working on something.