Very Simple Spray Paint Rack


I've been needing a spray paint rack for years.   I finally built one.  I have a hundred spray cans on various shelves here and there.

 I had some 3/8" dowels, an 8 ft piece of 1 x 6 and a piece of scrap paneling .....  It took about 35 minutes to make but 30+ years to get around to it. 


I cut the 1 x 6 in half and clamped the two pieces together.  I measured down a couple inches and drew a line across the board at 45 degrees.

Then I measured down 4 1/2" and drew a second line.  I did this a total of 10 times for the boards I had.

I then came in 2 1/2" from the back and 3/4" from the front of the board and marked the dill spot.

Drilled (20) 3/8" holes, stuck in the dowels, put both sides together, found a scrap piece of paneling and screwed it to the back......

Stuck in some paint cans.....

You could put a couple of wheels on the back corners so you can roll it when tilted back.