Quick way to get your plug holes aligned.


I can usually measure pretty accurately, but I was dream building (seem to do it every night) and came up with this.....

Take a post-it-note (or a piece of paper with a very light tack glue or repositionable adhesive)

Stick it where you want to cut your hole. Measure and cut.  In this case it is a Stream NXT wing.

Take a piece of double stick tape (I used some red so you can see it) and put it on the fuse or other part you want to transfer the hole to.

Peel backing off.  I left a bit extra over the side.

Put your bolts in the wing (or dowels or whatever) so you can get the alignment right before pressing the wing all the way down.

Press the fuse on the wing and fold over the post-it-note onto the double stick to make sure it comes off easily.

Remove the wing and Voila......

  A perfect transfer of the hole.

Cut it out, wire it up and put your plug in.  If you are accurate in your cutting, it will align just right.