Converting PSA to Hook and Loop


Before Hook and Loop, all my orbital sanding disks were PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive).  It was always a pain to try to keep them sticky, expecially if you changed grits often and before wearing them out.  I would spray glue them on, but they still only stuck once and often made a mess of the pad.  I eventually converted my sanders to Hook and Loop pads.  Of course, I still had a box full of good PSA disks with no stick left.  I also had a bunch of worn out loop disks.

Simple thing was to glue the worn out loop disks to the good PSA disks.

  Almost any spray glue will work.  3M 77, 90, Camie, etc

Take the good PSA and spray the back.  Take the worn loop disk and spray the front.


Slap together and Voila.... A good loop disk.