Quick Covers

You can search Reflective Foam Insulation  I used to use quilted fabric from Joann's and sew all my covers.  However, this stuff is a very good and quick alternative for just about any size wing, tip or tail.

It can be sewn, but I decided to try something else.....

I took and folded over the material and laid the part on top. 

I heated up a sealing iron to full heat.  I used a tack iron, but the edge of a larger one will work fine.  You can also use a soldering iron.

I ran the iron around the part, pressing down and melting the inside foam and thus gluing the mylar together.  The mylar will not melt. 


Then cut I out the piece making sure not to cut too close.

I added a couple velcro tabs.  I used thin velcro, since the thick stuff is too hard to separate and peels off the foam.

That's it.  It took only a few minutes and I didn't have to get out the sewing machine.


I left the folded part, but it might be neater to iron around the whole part.


Sprite tail

Speedo wing

To press the fold, set iron on medium or work fast. 


    Repeat for other half.

I cut opposite tabs on each wing cover and put on a little Velcro tab.

I now do almost all my plane covers this way.