Sanding Mops

Over the years I've bought sanding mops from various places.  My favorite is Klingspor's Woodworking shop.  Nice info and video here:


However, when I don't have time to wait, or I need a specific grit, I make my own cut sandpaper.  Normally, I cut  2" x 6" cloth pieces.  Takes about 25 minutes to make and mount 48 sheets.  Normal cost would be around $30 + shipping.

 I made a simple template from some scrap phenolic sheet I had.  Marked and cut the slots and drilled a hole for the center.

I get 8 pieces from a 9 x 12 sheet.

Slit the cloth.  I have a bunch of slightly used blades from cutting covering material (I change blades often when cutting covering material).  I get about 8 pieces before I toss the blade.  You can also make a couple passes on a diamond hone, but blades are pretty cheap, so I don't do that much anymore.

Use a punch for the center hole. 


I also use 2" roll cloth.  This goes a bit faster.

The Mandrel can be as simple as a bolt, couple of washers and a nut.

Alternate face up face down with a half overlap.

You can use on a drill...

or a drill press.

I often use several different grits on my long mandrel.

I use the sheet scrap on my Dremel.


I also have a simple sander/buffer made from worn out hook and loop discs.  (I don't like throwing much of anything away).

I cut a round template from phenolic (you can use plastic, wood or whatever you have around for templates)

I also mount these face up face down.

  I use this without buffing compound mostly for fine finish on wood, and a regular buffing wheel with compound when doing metal.