T&G Sailplane Finder


  • NEW  -  5 milliwatt output for range up to 3 miles in the thick woods

  • Designed for rc sailplanes

  • Small size and light weight - about the size of a penny - 4 grams

  • Will not interfere with your R/C receiver

  • Over 7 days+ of continuous operation from a CR1632 battery (1) included

  • Supplied with 18", easy to replace antenna*. 


    Click HERE for Plane Stands

    CR1632 Batteries:   (2) for $1.75

    CUSTOM RECEIVER  TG300  $349


    These unique features set the TG-300 apart from the TG-100

    • Covers the entire 222-224.990 MHz Amateur Radio band in 10 kHz steps (300 channels)
    • Super selective (70dB down @ 4kHz, 80dB down @ 10kHz) 8 pole SSB crystal filter for use in highly congested RF environments
    • $349.95 including battery, FA-3 folding antenna, and FA-3-C Cloth Case


    Email tom@blueridgesoaring.org for actual shipping costs and frequencies


    The TG100 is available for $250 only difference is it has 100 channels

    * TX Antenna may be cut down to convenient size but there is a  DB  Loss

    (3" antenna has 50% loss -- so 1.5 mile ground range 3 mile LOS)

  • Simple Beeper

    This turns on when you shut off your transmitter.

    If you are within a couple hundred feet, and the plane is still functioning, you will hear it.

    $15 to $20 depending on additional functions desired