My Simplest Stand

There are all kinds of plane stands out there.  From PVC pipe, bicycle stands, to big boxes, etc.  So far I've designed many plane stands and improved others.  Some were complex and had lots of adjustments for use with and without wing support extensions..  I found I really didn't use the stand without the supports.   My recent goal was to design a really simple and small, yet totally supportive stand.

A couple years ago I designed the Heavy Duty Stand, a heavier version of the Better Stand I designed in 1997, (for more support and wider cord for my XC planes) and the Simple Stand.

The Simple Stand was close, but had some unnecessary curves and the base had angles that were difficult to cut and a bit harder to assemble.  You adjusted it by moving the supports in and out.  I found the Heavy Duty Stand worked a bit better, but had a lot of parts and I had to use my CNC to get the grooves right.

Soooooo... I eliminated the side curves,  got rid of knobs and such and ended up with this one:

   The flat-heads hold the stand together.

  I added a piece of 80 grit sandpaper to one end of each side part.  If you have a really heavy wing, you might add a piece on each end.

  The pan-heads let the side supports adjust and are tightened when you have it positioned where you want it.


You can copy it and adjust the dimensions to whatever suits you.  Here's my parts list:

1pc - 5" x 11" x 1/2" plywood base with 1 1/4" center recessed 1/8" with 1/2" hole drilled through to accommodate a 3/8" T-nut.

2 pcs - 5" x 7" x 1/2" ply with V-grooves -  Wider and deeper in front. Higher and narrower in back to fit most fuses.

2 pcs - 2" x 11" x 1/2" ply with 5/8" holes a bit forward of center to allow support without hitting flaps.

2 pcs - 1/2" ID pvc pipe 10" long with T's and 5" long pipe insulation.

2 lengths of velcro loop around the ends.  A couple strips of hook to hold the plane down.

4  -  #8 flat head screws counter sunk in ends (you can just glue and nail together if you want)

4 - #10 x 1 1/8" pan head screws.  These hold the side pieces that adjust to hold the wing supports.  I just tighten them where I want them.  You can go though the trouble of using knobs, but I found it unnecessary.

That's it folks... we'll see how it holds up over the next year or so.